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Recording and Mixing

What is your project? Maybe you're a solo artist looking to professionally record a single, a band interested in making an album full of tracks, or a voice-over artist in need of a studio. 

Whatever your audio project is, at Kneeverland you can record with ProTools and digital technology, or take an analog route using a vintage Neve Series 53 console and recording to an MCI 16 track two-inch tape deck. Or, capture your sound using a blend of these approaches. 

Your project is started by booking studio time, which always includes an engineer, in durations from two to twelve hours. Sessions can be spread over multiple days with ample time for recording and separate sessions for mixing your work. 

Musicians can use the extensive collection of gear at Kneeverland, which includes an array of guitars, basses, amps, drums, keyboards, Hammond organs and Leslie speakers for a very special sound. 

Your recording is finished by in-house mastering, making your music ready for pressing on vinyl, reproducing on CD, or sending out to the world in digital format. 

Have a recorded project that needs some assistance with mixing or mastering? We can do that for you, too. Contact us to talk about your project, set up a session, or arrange for a studio tour. 

We work with...

Solo musicians 
Bands -- all genres 
Acoustic music groups 
Electronic music projects 
Classical musicians 
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